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Immanuel Ministries
Jesus My Friend ~

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This is a hard picture for me to look at. It shows the agony of my best friend and Savior. He not only agonized from the physical pain he was in, but He agonized over the state of man, dying themselves. He knew that He would overcome this destruction that had been incurred to mankind through the entrance of sin into His perfect creation, but He knew that not all would accept what he was doing as something out of love.  He was pained by the response from His chosen nation, and those that were not.
It is an awesome thing that the almighty God would come as a man to save the world from destruction.  That he would become like us, being susceptible to physical pain and the discomforts we feel. Simple things like feeling cold and hungry. 
This can't be compared to any other act of love and is not matched in any myth of so-called gods that have been chosen rather than the one, true God.

The anxiety and anticipation of Jesus as the time came close for His betrayal and crucifixion was so intense that He sweat drops of blood. This condition can happen to anyone who is in a state of anxiety that is overwhelming to the body.
Jesus not only knew that He was going to die a physically painful  death, but He knew that the weight of sin would be on His shoulders. All the sin of man. Even though He was not guilty of any sin, He would bear it on His shoulders so that it could be nailed to the cross. Ever felt guilty about something? Take that feeling and multiply it times.... Who could stand such a thing?
Jesus, being fully man as well as fully God, felt the anxiety that we have the opportunity to be without. There was so much accomplished by His death, we only need to see and believe what it entailed.
Jesus walked a mile in my shoes and I have not even begun to walk a mile in His.

One of the the things about Jesus that constantly amazes me is His humility. His humility is perfect. The ultimate authority of the universe humbled Himself and took on the form of a servant.
How many of us would wash the feet of our neighbor or friends? There are people who do such for a living, but would they do it as servitude to another person? Yet this is what Jesus did. He gave the example of this type of humility. That to be humble was actually  exaltation.

When I first decided that I wanted a friendship with Jesus, I was fired up and thought that I could win the whole world to Christ. I was sure that everyone would want what I had. I had the zeal, but I didn't have the knowledge and wisdom to realize that this couldn't happen. Not everyone would want it.

Now that I have grown in my relationship with Jesus, I see why it took Paul a few years to be ready for his ministry.

One thing that I grew to realize after I calmed down a little, is that as long as I am on this earth, hardships and trials will be a part of my life. I simply need to choose who is the eye of my storms and where my comfort comes from. If I go to God as a little child, He will be my comforter. Jesus has brought me up from very low places through His arms of rest.

To follow someone is not always the easiest thing to do. We get off into our own desires and thoughts of how we ought to do things. But even when this happens to me, Jesus is waiting up ahead and motioning for me to get behind Him again and stay on the path.

I've often wondered what it was like for people at that time to see Jesus with their eyes and to hear Him with their ears. His life was so compelling and He spoke with such ultimate authority, I have also wondered how anyone could just ignore Him or accuse Him of being a blasphemer.

It is a comfort to know that he has never stopped speaking and His authority is everlasting. He has much to tell me and will complete it when I see Him in His glory.

I have tried to bring some light to my friendship with Jesus. It is a friendship that I would not trade for fine diamonds or pure gold.
If you don't have this sort of friendship with Jesus and you would like to know Him, all you need to do is ask. There are no passwords or speacial prayers you must say to approach Him, only a sincere heart and a humble spirit.