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The Ray C. Stedman Library - Discovery Papers, Expository Studies, and Online Books
Diane Dew  - Bible study outlines, apologetics and much, much more.
Let Us Reason - Apologetics Ministry
Watchman Fellowship Inc. - A ministry of Christian discernment, focusing on cults and new religious movements.
Watchtower Observer - All about the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower that they will NEVER tell you! - Holy Scripture to encourage a believer as well as lead an unbeliever to faith in Jesus Christ. Fascinating reading of the Holy Bible for Roman Catholics. We sponsor many Christian webrings and have a banner exchange program.
The Berean Notepad  - Sharing the love of Christ on the web. Scripture commentary reflections and more.
Evangelical Outreach - Special emphasis on the believer's
security and various cults.

Endtime Prophets - A web page devoted to analyzing the teachings of those who claim to be prophets of God.

Testing the Spirits -  "It is a wise Christian who will question what the preacher tells them not to question."  A Testimony About Testing the Spirits - Online book by Ted Brooks - "I Was a Flakey Preacher."

A laymens Christian apologetic website

Inspired - Original christian art
Creation Tips  - Discover amazing facts about the Bible, science, animals, the world around you. Fun games! DinosaurCam.
A Chasing of the Winds - Every heart is filled with longing to be free from all life's pain. Yet every road we travel down seeking earthly pleasures only end in vain. Only God can fill the barren places in our hearts and without Him, life has no meaning. All things fail as they begin, and hearts deceived can only know A Chasing of the Wind
Behind the Badge of a Deputy Sheriff - Trials and tribulations of a former Deputy Sheriff.
Under His Wings II - This page is dedicated to educating people about the redemption, forgiveness, grace, and everlasting love of God for you.  It also serves as a web ministry, inviting all people to be saved, and become a child of God.  You can have these things and more, when you enter into a relationship with Him, through the sacrifice for you, of Jesus.
Jesus 4 Junkies  - This is a site dedicated to being addicted to Jesus after years of being addicted to Heroin.
Hooray - cartoons, art, Bible commentary & imagery
C. C. F. I.  - Clean christian fun, inspirations, free graphics
A Sailor for the Savior - Welcome to the website of Big John Cady, a Christian Navy Man. As you search this site, I pray you find encouragement and a closer relationship with God.


Teen Qs - Christian Answers for Teens

Kid Explorers


Elijah Banner Exchange
Elijah Banner Exchange


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