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Cephas Ministry Inc. - Biblically based Christian Research became our job and a necessity when a number of major denominations, radio and television "evangelicals" took a decided turn to the left and brought the world into the church rather then the church into the world.
The Berean Call - Two things should be noted regarding the Bereans of Acts 17:10-11: they gave the Apostle Paul a hearing, and then they checked out what he had to say. For their commendable reaction the Word of God approves them as "noble" or fairminded.
Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry - CARM is a 501(c)3 nonprofit Christian organization whose purpose is to equip Christians with good information on doctrine, various religious groups (Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.), cults, Evolution, New Age, and related subjects
Ultimate Christian Apologetics Website - Articles dealing with philosophical, scientific, and historical apologetics
Leadership University - Articles that will assist in understanding God in the context of current issues.
Apologetics Index - Resources on religious cults, sects, movements, anticult and countercult organizations, and doctrines
A Christian Thinktank - Contains items of Christian apologetics, theology, philosophy, biblical studies
Does God Exist? - Program provides thinking, seeking people with scientific evidence that God does exist and that the Bible is His Word
Proof God Exists - Uses evolution and relativity as a stepping stone in explaining faith in God and Heaven
Christian Doctrine - For Christians who are seeking the truth from the Bible on current teachings in the Church and a biblical perspective on current affairs

The Church Falls Away

    Arts & Humanities    

All - We offer custom fine art portraiture rendered in black and white, colored pencil, water color, pastel, and oil. Each portrait is custom painted from photographs or digital photos
Hearts on Fire for Jesus   - A collection of artwork centering on the condition of the human heart in search of God. The site includes art works and links to other Christian sites

Elijah Banner Exchange
Elijah Banner Exchange


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