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Why Witness

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Below you will find some of the things people are saying, and what they really believe about God. It shows the need to reach out and witness the truth, having an answer to all who ask.

I have found that many times the ones who sound the worst or live lives in deep bondage, are the ones that are the easiest to reach. They are usually the ones who can see their need for God because they feel the heavy weight of their bondage. 

These quotes are from the passive ones. Really!
(Note: There are some quotes with profanity. I do not advocate profanity.)

Why witness

"The world doesn't need God(s), it needs an education!"

"You are right. Religion is for the stupid and/or weak of mind."

"But the weird part is that jesus was gay and christians will not accept it! Think about it:

jesus was never with a woman, never married but he was always going out in the desert by himself or with a group of all men. All this while in his 20's and 30's.

Definitely a closet homo!"

"The most amazing thing about the bible is that so many people are still gullible enough to believe what it says instead of accepting the fact that it is merely ancient superstition that was poorly written!"

"If christ came to Earth today and heard about his "virgin birth", his "resurrection" and most of the other fairy tales taught about him, he would likely die again...

...from laughing."

"The real truth is something christians will never know. Hiding behind a wall of religious nonsense shields one from any truth that may be out there. When you close your mind (like christianity demands of its followers) you are no longer seeking the truth."

"So it doesn't matter if jesus is alive, dead or never existed. He only lives in the minds of gullible people anyway."

"Jesus never existed and your god (according to the bible) is a jerk!

"Any five year old can make up a more believable story than that. It is too bad the early christians couldn't have used their imaginations a little better when deciding on what nonsense to believe in."

"Poor Yeshua, the Rabbi from Nazareth was never the Messiah. He didn't want peace, but the Messiah had to be the Prince of Peace. Yeshua never lived up to this and he is dead and can never do that now, despite the claims and additions of his followers."

"This cycle of christian child abuse will not be easy to break, but to have an intelligent and informed society, a way must be found. People who continue to fool themselves by accepting superstitious nonsense as fact and abuse their own children by forcing them to comply to christianity, waste their lives and resources for nothing."

"He who believeth in me shall be forever numb from the top of their skull down! So sayeth the LORD. (Rastus 23:8)

Dog bless us one and all!"

"Look at the history of Christianity. It is one of death, destruction and mayhem that continues to this day! As you read this, Christian missionaries are in foreign lands destroying the beliefs and cultures of the indigenous people and substituting Christianity.
As Christ directed his followers to do!

Is this spreading the word of God? ...or Satan?"

"There is a lot of good Fiction around, but the bible is not one of the good ones. The bible is a piece of shit and should be banned from reading for the hate and killing it has created in the past. You fundies should be sent to mental institutions until you can prove your delusions can no longer impact others. All christians that commit crimes should have five years automatically added to their sentence for being hypocrites. And churches, to include religious donations should be taxed by the government. Any mention of "god" should be excluded from public schools by law, much like curse words are banned. Any person caught with a bible within 1,000 feet of a public school should be found guilty of a felony. The history of religion, which includes the accounts of their actions, should be taught in public schools. No one should be allowed to practice any religion until they are a minimum age of 21. "