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Immanuel Ministries has moved

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Concerned Communications - Home schooling handwriting and spelling.
Taylor University - Here, it is entirely possible to meet your educational goals without ever leaving your present location.
Digital Learning Network - Adding value to your home school


An Interactive Gospel Message - A list of beliefs held by Christians and interactive explanations and answers to objections for each belief.
Born Again Bikers - For those interested in motorbikes and passionate or curious about Christ. Delphi forum; requires registration (free) to access.

Christ - Liar, Lunatic or God?  - Examines some of the tough questions of life like "What about suffering?" and "Can I get to heaven if my good deeds outweigh my bad?"

Frequently Asked Questions  - Answers questions unbelievers often ask about God and Christianity.

Why Does It Make Sense To Believe in Christ?  - Online booklet examines logical evidences for faith. From Radio Bible Class.

Christian Family Resources + FREE Book Online - Walking In New Life!  - Christian Reciprocal Links Exchange. Plus a Guide to understanding God's Word Online called "Walking in New Life".

Elijah Banner Exchange
Elijah Banner Exchange


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Immanuel Ministries may not agree with everything that is included in the websites that are on the links pages.